HSBC: Online banking platform

A global banking platform for HSBC’s international customers.

HSBC are going through a long process of migrating all markets on to a single online platform to deliver their customers a better online banking experience. I worked on a team responsible for the design and UX of this new platform, working in collaboration with HSBC’s internal development teams.

HSBC's global service platform
HSBC's global service platform

My role on the project

UX designer responsible for translating the complex business requirements into wireframes, then working with visual designers bring these to life in the form of high fidelity designs.


This was a traditional enterprise project; heavy on process, with complex stakeholder dynamics both of which demanded precise documentation and strong communication skills.

The first and most important aspect of design was to give users faster access to core workflows. We achieved this by giving users a toolbar on the homepage which highlighted core actions, such as moving money.

To reduce the density of information on screen, we broke down complex processes in to multi-step forms and used a large vertical steptracker to guide users through the process.

Another key objective was to empower HSBC’s international customers with the ability to manage accounts across multiple markets. Although simple on the surface, the complex regulations of international banking meant there were many edge cases which needed to be designed for. Progressive enhancement was key tactic used in response to this challenge. It allowed us to protect users from these edge cases, keeping the core workflows streamlined, but also providing HSBC with necessary inputs for regulatory compliance.

Work samples

Available on request