Back in my first UX role they used this quadrant during interviews to get an idea of what type of UXer someone was.

In my experience it was a damn good way to cut to the chase and figure out how a candidate could fit in to the team. After all, UX is broad church, widely misunderstood role and frustratingly vague job title. Even when you have two UXers (is that a word?) talking to one another, it usually takes a while to figure out what exactly the other person does for a living.

UX quadrant

I know, asking someone to map themselves on a quadrant sounds a little weird. And yes, soft skills are arguably more important to the job than the hard skills this quadrant focuses on. But like I said, at some point you need to figure out what someone actually does.

Here’s about where I sit

Me on the UX quadrant launching an invasion
Me on the UX quadrant launching an invasion

I’ve found this quadrant pretty useful over the years as a way to think about my skill set and where I need to improve. I’m making a b-line for the center and migrating into the other quadrants from a strategy background. Don’t want to make the mistake of spreading myself too thin, but they’re all pretty relevant skills. So staying a generalist for now.