Alasdair Cumming

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Product Designer with a background in UX and strategy. 5 years experience in all stages in the design process. I work hard, learn fast and work well in teams.

Equally comfortable framing up problems, designing solutions, conducting user research or working alongside developers to bring designs to life.

A short, selected history

Currently doing my thing at Gumtree Australia.

Before that?

I spent the past four years working in product studios, agencies and startups over in London. Amongst the work I managed to sneak 4.5 months of travel in last year. My wife and I bought a campervan and drove all around Europe 🤙 .

And before that?

Earned an MA in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island in Manchester.

Keep going!

Spent a few years in advertising. Met some nice people, and learned some stuff, but urrggh, ads...

Waaaaay back now.

Arts and Sciences at The University of Sydney. Majored in modern history. Two years of psychology. Two years of political economy. Dabbled in everything.